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MACLISP (or Maclisp) is a dialect of the Lisp programming language. It originated at MIT's Project MAC (from which it derived its prefix) in the late 1960s and was based on Lisp 1.5. Richard Greenblatt was the main developer of the original codebase for the PDP-6; Jonl White was responsible for its later maintenance and development. The name 'Maclisp' started being used in the early 1970s to distinguish it from other forks of PDP-6 Lisp, notably BBN LISP.

Maclisp ran on DEC PDP-6/10 computers, initially only on ITS, but later under all the other PDP-10 operating systems. Its original implementation was in PDP-10 assembly language. It was later implemented on Multics using PL/I. Maclisp developed considerably in its lifetime, adding major features along the way which in other language systems would typically correspond to major release numbers.

Maclisp was used to implement the Macsyma symbolic algebra program; Macsyma's development also drove a number of features in Maclisp. The SHRDLU blocks-world program was written in Maclisp, and so the language was in widespread use in the artificial intelligence research community through the early 1980s. It was also used to implement other programming languages, such as Planner and Scheme. Multics Maclisp was used to implement the first Lisp-based Emacs.

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ANSI Common Lisp Branch
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LISP 1.5
MACLISP Followed by
Common Lisp
Franz Lisp Branch
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MACLISP Followed by
Franz Lisp
Scheme Branch
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MACLISP Followed by

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