Deluxe Paint (or DPaint) is a bitmap graphics editor originally created by Dan Silva for Electronic Arts (EA). The original version was created for the Commodore Amiga and was released in November 1985. It was eventually ported to other platforms, but only had killer app status on the Amiga.


DPaint was the product of an in-house art development tool called Prism. As Silva added additional features to Prism, it was turned into a showcase product to coincide with the Amiga's debut in 1985. After release, it was quickly embraced by the Amiga community and became the defacto graphics (and later animation) editor for the platform, being used almost exclusively in the making of Amiga games, animation and demoscene productions. Amiga manufacturer Commodore International later commissioned EA to create version 4.5 AGA for bundling with the new Advanced Graphics Architecture chipset (A1200, A4000) capable Amigas. Version 5 was the final release after Commodore's bankruptcy in 1994.

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