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The Compaq LTE was a line of laptop computers made by Compaq, introduced in 1989. The first models, the Compaq LTE and the Compaq LTE 286, were among the first computers to be the size of a paper notebook, spurring the use of the term "notebook" to describe a smaller laptop. They were also among the first to include both built-in hard disk and floppy disk drives, offering performance comparable to then-current desktop machines. The model name "LTE" is assumed by many consumers to mean "LITE", owing to the device's small size and weight. [1] [2]

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Compaq LTE branch
Preceded by
Compaq Portable III
Compaq LTE Followed by
GRiDLite branch
Influenced by
GRiD Compass
Compaq LTE Influenced
ZP-150 branch
Influenced by
Compaq LTE Influenced

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